Frequently Asked Questions

These answers are brief, but I go into much more detail in my interviews. Short on time? Answers to many popular questions we've faced over the years are below.

Are the videos real or fake?

Sorry, everyone: the videos are fake. Tara and Raven are comedic characters I invented as a teenager to troll the Internet. They're not our real names or personalities. I was Raven from ages 17-19, and her character was inspired by my own experience as an angst-filled emo from ages 12-14.

Did you write My Immortal?

Nope! Tara and I didn't even know it existed until after our videos were published. Tara didn't learn about My Immortal until 2010 when she was in college. We chose our names for comedic value.


Was that you in _____ video?

No. We've seen a handful of videos posted by people pretending to be us but the only videos we've created are on our original channel, xXblo0dyxkissXx. Tara's not the girl in the "For Raven" video, and she and I never made a 2019 New Years video. I'm not the "I Will Always Love You" girl.


Do you and Tara still talk?

Yes! She's my younger sister. We've never had a falling out, despite popular Internet rumors.


Did Tara and Azer ever date?



Were you ever like Raven?

Yes and no. Though I went through my own goth/emo/alt phase when I was 12-14 and took my creation of Raven as an opportunity to lovingly make fun of who I used to be, Raven is still quite different than I ever was. I can't wait to discuss this more in future videos and have already discussed it a bit in interviews


Why did you stop filming?

While I secretly hoped our videos would lead to something bigger for me, Tara never meant to be involved on a regular basis. We stopped filming for a number of reasons, including logistics and reception. We were subjected to some pretty horrific comments from our viewers at the time, which dampened my enthusiasm to continue the channel. I'll be going into this a bit more in future videos and have discussed it quite a bit in interviews so far.



Why did you wait so long to come forward?

Actually, Tara and I did an interview admitting to everything in 2014! We assumed it would be enough to put the speculation to rest, but it clearly wasn't.

Coming forward has always been tricky to navigate. Tara never wanted to be in the limelight and my career as a sex worker makes any facts about my personal life, no matter how mundane, even more vital to keep under wraps. For many reasons, years ago Tara and I decided that whenever anyone approached us to ask about the videos, it was safest to deny our involvement.


On December 30, Raven began to be associated with my work persona in ways I could no longer control: there were simply too many accounts involved for me to deny it. I decided to come forward on January 2 as it marked 12 years since the release of our 2009 New Year video.


Where are you now?

I'm a professional dominatrix working under the moniker Mistress Petra Hunter


Tara never thought the videos would go viral and didn't anticipate such a strong interest in her personal life. While she's been thoroughly amused by watching everything unfold over the years, she prefers to maintain her privacy.   


Azer makes music under the name NeutralOneder and can be found on Spotify here. They use they/them pronouns exclusively and ask that you use the right vocabulary when talking about them.


Are you on social media?

Find me at @RavenIsAPoser on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. I'm also on Reddit as u/RavenIsAPoser. These are the only accounts you'll find me on besides our original YouTube channel, xXblo0dyxkissXx. Azer and their music can be found on Instagram at @NeutralOneder here.

I have social media for my job and can be found at @MsPetraHunter_ on Instagram here and at @MsPetraHunter on Twitter here


Tara doesn't have personal social media, as she prefers to keep her private life as offline as possible. Please don't overstep those boundaries.