"Hi, I'm Raven, the acid bath princess of the darkness."

Actually, I'm Sarah. At 17, fueled by equal parts desire for a career in comedy and the urge to troll unsuspecting folks on the internet, I created Raven, the acid bath princess of the darkness. Using my own experiences as a 12-14 year-old emo kid, I crafted a comedy character so authentic and believable that for years, very few people picked up on the joke.

I started filming as Raven in 2007, enlisting the help of my younger sister to play Raven's sidekick, Tara. A childhood friend visiting from out of town made an appearance as the character Azer. Together, the three of us mocked our former selves, trolled hundreds of thousands of viewers, and left a lasting impact on a very niche corner of the Internet.    


Raven's videos never received the response I had hoped for at the time, and Tara, Azer, and I were subjected to a horrific amount of harassment through YouTube on a daily basis. For these reasons, among others, Tara and I stopped filming together in 2009.


As the years went on, however, our videos became increasingly popular, eventually going viral years after their creation. Rumors spread quickly about what happened to our characters, and a small pocket of the Internet became obsessed with discovering our true identities.

Though Tara and I wanted to keep the mystery of our characters alive for as long as possible, with her permission I came forward on January 2, 2021.  

From being mistaken as the authors of the infamous Harry Potter fan fiction "My Immortal" to multiple imposters on social media claiming to be the grown-up versions our characters, it's been a wild ride to say the least.

Raven Is A Poser was created to give me an opportunity to put rumors to rest and give our story the space it deserves. This is about so much more than just a viral video: it's a story about the formative years of social media, the lingering damage of cyberbullying, ageism and misogyny in comedy, the stigmas of sex work, and stranger-than-fiction coincidences.


Over the coming months, I'll be telling more of my story through video updates, blog posts, and interviews. I'll also be sharing plenty of never-before-seen photos and videos of my sister and me as our iconic characters. I may even revisit my love of comedy performance in the process.

Don't just join me: stay for awhile.

raven the acidbath princess of the darkness

Raven, the acid bath princess of the darkness and Tara. Photo taken January 2009.


Me, Sarah, before an interview about my experience as Raven. Photo taken January 2021.

Photo 51.jpg

Raven, the acid bath princess of the darkness and Tara. Photo taken January 2009.